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Panion is the future of community building

We believe that deeper connections begin with common experiences and shared goals & values. We’re determined to empower community builders and leaders to connect people through shared ideas, conversations, and activities.

Panion is building a modern community platform for creators and brands to bring their discussions, members, events, collaborations and content all into one place. Think Shopify for community builders. We give creators and community managers an all-in-one tool to manage, grow, and monetize their communities.

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What we believe


❤️ Trust is everything
We’re building a company where team members work autonomously as part of a collective whole. Each person defines what they are accountable for, sets their own goals, takes pride in their workmanship, and are trusted to do their best without supervision.



🤝 Collaboration drives success
We believe that building software is a positive sum endeavour — there are no scorecards. We work and play together as a team, and therefore we win as a team. We work had to ensure that our team is made up of people who are passionate about our company's values with the same mission in mind — to grow collectively. We are always eager to learn from and teach each other.



⚖️ Building a product is a marathon, not a sprint
Building a meaningful company that has a massive impact takes time. We plan to run to the last mile, and do it with great care for health and wellbeing. As important as work is to us, it isn't everything. We care about building sustainable processes that ensure work/life balance for everyone on the team.






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